How to Get Back All Deleted Songs from an iPod??



“Hi There, I was trying to manage Rhythmbox on my iPod so that I could add some new music files to it, that were saved on my notebook. Surprisingly, when I pressed the sync all after adding songs, each of my songs on my iPod got deleted and was replaced by some of the useless songs. How to get back all deleted songs from an iPod?” Of course there is an easy way out of such pitiful situation. In such situation users need to make use of Recover Songs software as early as possible. This software scans iPod in few seconds of installation and provides each of the song files in the similar format as it was before deletion.

Before knowing how this software helps users to deal with question like how to get back all deleted songs from an iPod, let’s preview some of the state of affairs that lead to deletion of photos from an iPod. One of the repeated reasons of such kind of deletion happens due to users own mistake. Let’s assume one of the real-time occurrences of such deletion. Suppose you have got an iPod which has got some outdated songs. To update your songs you connected it to your system and applied delete option on some useless songs. However, later you realized that you accidentally applied delete command for most of the files.

There is a synchronization option over Windows system which allows users to get all of the songs that are present on system. If while making amendments in the library of songs most of the music files are deleted and later without turning off the sync option iPod is connected, then all music files are deleted. There are few other reasons that causes deletion of music files from iPods such as deletion due to some third party software, malfunction of iPod software’s and different others. The best way to deal with awful problem like How to get back all deleted songs from an iPod is to make use of this user friendly software. For more insight on this topic click on this link:

There are few of the things that any of the users must keep note are:

  • Immediately after facing any sort of deletion scenario over iPod stop making use of it for saving any new songs
  • Never rest your iPod after deletion of photos occur over it

Recover Songs allow users to retain each of the music files in matter of few clicks on the software. Once scanning is finished on the drive users can easily check them out on the basis of file name, file signature, file size and the date on which file was created. Using this software, you can also recover music from iTunes after update to new version within few mouse clicks. If needed, users can compress the files before actually saving them at any of the required data storage device. Any of you can easily make use of this promising software to perform Samsung S2 HD LTE music recovery. Some of the file system supported by this software is HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 and various others. This application provides an easy solution to question like How to get back all deleted songs from an iPod. This app also supports to recover deleted songs from SanDisk Ultra SD card easily. In order to know more about it, check this link:

Steps to recover deleted songs from iPod:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of this software on your Windows computer and then launch its Home Screen. On the Home Screen click on required option as shown in Figure 1.

How to Get Back All Deleted Songs from an iPod - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now, from this screen you have to select iPod from which song deletion happened and click next to initiate scanning as shown in Figure 2.

How to Get Back All Deleted Songs from an iPod - Select iPod

Figure 2: Select iPod

Step 3: As scanning gets completed you can easily "Preview” the recovered songs as shown in Figure 3.

How to Get Back All Deleted Songs from an iPod - Preview Recovered Songs

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Songs

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