Recover Deleted Songs From SanDisk Ultra SD Card



“Hi everyone, I need help because all my precious songs saved on SanDisk ultra SD card get deleted. While moving music tracks from one folder to other on SanDisk ultra SD card, I accidentally choose delete option instead of move on my smartphone by which all the songs stored in this SD card get removed. I have collected them for a long time. Were those songs deleted permanently from SD card? Can I recover deleted songs from SanDisk ultra SD card?”  

Whenever you come across accidental music file deletion issue from SanDisk ultra SD card, it seems like deleted songs erased from the card permanently because you cannot find them after deletion on its original folder. As these songs removals from SanDisk ultra SD card, then only the entries of deleted songs are removed and original songs are still saved in its original place. In such difficult situations, Recover Songs application helps you in recovering deleted music from SanDisk ultra SD card as long as you don’t use card for saving any new data. This hassle free program is specially designed to restore deleted songs from SanDisk ultra SD card without having any other issue.

Other Most Common Causes of Songs Deletion from SanDisk Ultra SD Card:

Accidental Formatting: At the time of formatting other externally connected device on computer, you may unknowingly select your SanDisk ultra SD card and format it. This wrong selection of an SD card will lead to complete file deletion along with songs from the card.

Using Third Party Tool: If you are using an unreliable third party antivirus program to scan your SanDisk ultra SD card, then there might be a chance of songs deletion from the SD card. If any song is infected with virus, then it will automatically deleted by the antivirus tool.

Improper Handling: During transferring songs from SanDisk ultra SD card to system drive or listening music from it, if you eject the SD card while it is used by the device can also be a reason behind songs deletion from the card.

Salient Features of Recover Songs Application:

  • This easy to use program enables you to recover deleted songs from SanDisk ultra SD card on all the latest versions of both Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X laptops and desktops easily. In order to know about deleted music files from Windows recycle bin, check this link:
  • Recover Songs tool supports music files recovery from SanDisk ultra SD card which can be formatted with any file system such as FAT16, ExFAT and FAT32 just by following few simple mouse clicks.
  • This user friendly program enables you to add a new file signature in its database, so that the recovery of that particular music file can be easily done with the help of this newly added signature from SanDisk ultra SD card.
  • It is capable to recover deleted songs from SanDisk ultra SD card based on their creation date, file signature, file type, file name, file extension and other parameters very easily.
  • You can undelete songs from memory card which can be in any file format like MP3, MP4, AIFC, RA, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIF, WAV, MIDI, AMR and many more without facing any other problems.     

Steps to Recover Deleted Songs From SanDisk Ultra SD Card:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of Recover Songs app on your system and then launch it, its Home Screen as shown in Figure 1.

Recover Deleted Songs From SanDisk Ultra SD Card - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now, from this screen you have to select your SanDisk Ultra SD Card from which song deletion happened and click next to initiate scanning as shown in Figure 2.

Restore Deleted Songs From SanDisk Ultra SD Card - Select memory Card

Figure 2: Select SanDisk Ultra SD Card

Step 3: After the completion of scanning process you can easily "Preview” the recovered songs as shown in Figure 3.

Music Files Recovery From SanDisk Ultra SD Card - Preview Recovered Songs

Figure 3: Preview Recovered Songs

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